Kulp Law Firm blog posts relating to breath alcohol testing.

Resisting Arrest in SC: Charge & Penalties

October 6th, 2020|Blood Alcohol Testing, Breath Alcohol Testing, Criminal Defense, Criminal Offenses, Drug Offenses, DUI, Federal Crimes, Firearms Law|

You should never resist an officer’s attempt to bring you into custody, even if you do not believe the arrest is warranted. Resisting Arrest is illegal under SC Code Section 16-9-320 and Section 16-3-625. South Carolina’s criminal court system deals out harsh penalties for resisting law enforcement. Besides the immediate penalties of possible fines and [...]

DUI DUAC in Charleston – License Suspension

January 6th, 2014|Breath Alcohol Testing, DUI|

As a board certified criminal defense lawyer and DUI defense lawyer in Charleston, South Carolina, I find myself explaining license suspension considerations to most new clients charged with DUI or DUAC. The implied consent law can be complicated. First, DUI is driving under the influence. DUAC is driving with an unlawful alcohol concentration. In another [...]

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