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More often than not, people are charged with disorderly conduct for gross intoxication in public places. However, there are many reasons a person might be charged with disorderly conduct. In fact, the term “disorderly” applies to a wide range of behaviors in the SC Code of Laws (SECTION 16-17-530).

What counts as disorderly conduct?

  • Gross intoxication in a public place
  • Boisterous, noisy and mischievous behavior
  • Disorderly and unruly behavior
  • Using profanity in public places, such as within hearing distance of a school or church
  • Discharging a firearm without good cause, either while intoxicated or pretending to be under the influence

Because of this broad definition, sometimes police officers use disorderly conduct as a “catch all” charge to justify making arrests. As you can imagine, this can cause problems for law enforcement, especially in areas where there are already tensions between the people who live there and the police who serve them.

This is why you want an experienced attorney who will challenge your disorderly conduct charge.

Keep in mind, being charged with a crime does not mean you are guilty. The State still has to prove their case. And the circumstances surrounding your arrest can impact the outcome of your case. Sometimes the charge will be dropped altogether.

But if the charges are not dropped, you could face fines or jail time. If this is your first criminal offense, you could end up with a criminal record. And that could have a negative impact on your reputation or your relationships. You could lose your job or struggle to find a new job.

You want to…

  • Protect your reputation within the community.
  • Avoid a criminal record that will follow you around for the rest of your life.
  • Keep your job or maintain opportunities for future employment.
  • Maintain your current scholarship or eligibility to obtain future scholarships.

Questions about disorderly conduct charges in Charleston, SC

1. Can a disorderly conduct conviction be expunged?

If your case is dismissed your charges can be expunged. Also, if you or your attorney can secure a referral to Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI), you may be eligible for an expungement. Your charge would be expunged if you successfully complete the PTI program.

If you are convicted, you can apply to have your charge expunged after three years if you have no more arrests. This process costs around $300.

2. Is disorderly conduct a felony or misdemeanor?

Disorderly conduct is a misdemeanor in South Carolina.

3. What are the maximum fines and penalties for disorderly conduct in South Carolina?

The penalties are up to $100 in fines or up to 30 days in jail.

4. I cursed in public or at an officer. Is this considered disorderly conduct?

Cursing may not seem like a criminal act, but depending on the circumstances it could count as disorderly conduct.

The South Carolina Supreme Court ruled that the First Amendment prohibits the State from prosecuting you for the use of profanity in public, with one exception: If your profane language could be considered “fighting words,” then you can be prosecuted.

5. Should I just plead guilty?

You should never plead guilty without considering all collateral consequences or consulting an attorney.

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Disorderly conduct in Charleston, SC may seem like a minor charge, but a conviction can have a major impact on your life. It’s important to speak to a qualified attorney in Charleston, SC who knows the ropes and can help get your life back on track. Don’t leave your future up to chance.

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