Charged with an Alcohol Related Offense in Charleston, SC?

You need the help of a seasoned attorney, one that leaves no stone unturned.

So, you’ve been charged with an alcohol related offense and probably have a lot of questions. Questions like, will I lose my drivers license, will this go on my record, how will this affect my job or worse, will I serve time in jail.

While no attorney in Charleston, SC can guarantee an outcome, at Kulp Law Firm, we can guarantee that you will be represented by one of only seven attorneys in SC that is Board Certified in Criminal Trial Advocacy. That means defending individuals in alcohol related offenses falls within Mr. Kulp’s speciality.

We protect and defend individuals who have been charged with:

Unfortunately, a conviction for an alcohol related offense can have a long-lasting negative impact on your life. Because of this, you need an attorney that will look at your case from all angles and work hard to uncover reasons to get your charge reduced or dismissed.

Timothy Kulp has handled thousands of alcohol related cases, from the initial charge to plea deals and jury trials. He has the experience you can rely on.

If you are looking for an attorney who

  • Puts your best interest first
  • Answers your calls
  • Will be open and honest with you
  • Is available and in touch
  • Has over thirty years experience in criminal cases
  • Fights for your rights and
  • Defends your reputation

Then you’ve come to the right place. At Kulp Law Firm, our Charleston, SC attorneys are are obsessed with providing our clients with accurate, efficient and personalized representation.

Contact us today to discuss your case, your rights and what to expect in your individual situation. Our initial consultation is free of charge, so you’ve got nothing to lose. Call us today.

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