Loss of Your Drivers License

Most people facing a driver’s license suspension resulting from a DUI have never been arrested before.  They are honest, decent, and hardworking people.  The questions that pop into most people’s head are:  Will I lose my job?  Will this affect my future job prospects, and how will I drive now that my license is suspended?

We realize that getting back on the road is the first priority for most folks.  Below we’ve summarized the various driver’s license suspensions associated with a breath test refusal, breath test reading greater than .15, DUI convictions, and DUAC convictions.  In addition to a license suspension there are requirements for ADSAP and SR-22 insurance for some suspensions.

Refusal of Breath Test – By law you must be offered a breath test within two hours after arrest for DUI.  A refusal of this test results in a six month license suspension.  Click here for info on challenging this suspension.

Breath Reading of .15 or Greater – Your license will be suspended if your BAC reading, taken within two hours of your arrest, is .15 or greater.  A BAC reading in this range results in a thirty day (30 day) license suspension for a first time reading and a sixty day (60 day) suspension for a second reading.  Click here for info on challenging a suspension resulting from a reading .15 or higher.  A License suspension for this reading would be in addition to a six month suspension incurred after a conviction for a DUI or DUAC.  This law is a perfect example of why it is crucial to hire an experienced DUI lawyer who can contest both the initial BAC reading at an Administrative Hearing and the DUI case itself in criminal court.

Driving under the Influence – The driver’s license suspensions associated with a DUI charge vary based on previous convictions and the blood alchohol reading the person is found guilty of.  Click here for the specific license suspensions for a DUI conviction.

Driving with Unlawful Alcohol Concentration – A conviction of DUAC carries a 6 month suspension with a requirement to enroll in ADSAP and carry SR-22 Insurance.  The suspension period for a second offense is 1 year, and the ADSAP and SR-22 requirment. A 3rd Offense within a 10 year period carries a 2 year license suspension, while a 3rd offense within a 5 year period carries a 4 year suspension.  After a 4th DUAC conviction a person’s priviledge to drive in South Carolina is forever barred.

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