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Consider a DUI Lawyer Who’s Represented (1,000’s) of People

If you’re serious about fighting your DUI charges, you need an attorney whose experience speaks for itself.

Timothy Kulp, Charleston DUI Attorney has 38 years of investigative, courtroom, jury trial, and appellate work and is board certified in criminal trial advocacy.

As a former Judge, Prosecutor and FBI Special Agent, Timothy Kulp has a unique perspective which allows him to look at your case from a different angle to give you a full analysis of your case.

This experience is not something that many DUI attorneys in Charleston and surrounding areas can claim.

Mr. Kulp was a class act, all the way. He took what could have been the worst moment of my life and turned it into an opportunity to reexamine how DUI law is prosecuted in Charleston County. Every step of the way he kept my spirits up and ceaselessly took action to win our case and have my record expunged. Well worth the price!

– Anonymous, DUI client

Why Fight Your DUI Charges

Don’t leave your freedom and reputation in the hands of a less experienced DUI lawyer in Charleston, SC.

Whether it’s your first, second or third DUI charge, a well planned legal strategy can help you:

At Kulp & Elliot, we go above and beyond what our clients expect. We won’t shuffle you through an automated answering system or hand you off to a clerk or paralegal you’ve never met.

In fact, our clients rave about the level of attention they receive because we’re committed to doing the very best we can for each client.

7 Questions We ALWAYS Get Asked About DUI Charges

If you’re like most, you probably have a ton of questions about your DUI charge. So we’ve taken the time to answer the most common questions below:

1. How can I find out if my license has been suspended?

If you received a Notice of Suspension form, your privilege to drive in South Carolina is currently suspended. The arresting officer should have physically taken your drivers license.

2. Can I get a temporary or restricted license?

Usually, first-time offenders are eligible for a temporary alcohol restricted license (TARL), and we begin expediting the process of getting a TARL when a potential client calls our firm.

In order to be eligible for a TARL you must request an Administrative Hearing. The filing fee for an administrative hearing is $200.

3. What if I refused to blow?

If you refused a breath test, the arresting officer will confiscate your license on the spot, and your driving privileges revoked for six months. The officer will then provide you with a pink-colored “Notice of Suspension” form. You can request an Administrative Hearing using the back side of this form.

4. Can my charge be dropped?

It’s certainly possible. But you’ll need an advocate on your side to present evidence in your favor and challenge the State’s evidence to have a DUI charge dropped.

​If your DUI charge was the result of an equipment malfunction that put you above the legal .08 BAC limit, your best option is to hire a lawyer to help clear your name. Charges can also be dropped if you feel you were stopped for discriminatory reasons, your arrest deviated from lawful standards, or you had an unfair trial.

5. Are DUI charges transferred from state to state?

When it comes to DUI charges, most states will honor each other’s justice systems. No matter where you were charged with DUI, most states will recognize that charge as if it happened within their own state. Administrative issues are usually transferred State to State via the Driver’s License Compact.

6. Is a DUI a felony or misdemeanor?

It depends on the nature of the charge. In most cases, a DUI is a misdemeanor.

However, if you’re intoxicated and get into a car accident, injuring another person, you could be charged with a felony DUI. Any DUI that results in injuries to a third party is a felony.

7. Will a DUI appear on a background check?

A DUI conviction will appear on your criminal record. So if you’ve been charged, seek legal representation to challenge your DUI. It may be possible to be acquitted at trial or negotiate a reduced or lesser charge.

Here’s What We Will Do For You.

By hiring us you will receive experienced legal representation with EVERY aspect of your case.

We will:

  • Help with administrative hearings to get your license back after a suspension
  • Evaluate the validity of the blood or breath tests administered during your arrest
  • Examine the circumstances of the initial traffic stop which led to your arrest
  • Present any defenses possible to invalidate your arrest
  • Determine if any Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs) were administered correctly
  • Utilize our knowledge of the prosecutor’s approach to DUI cases to give you the advantage you need to beat the case or minimize the impact it has on your life.

Tim Kulp’s Qualifications: Not Many Can Make This Claim

Here’s what sets him apart:

  • Over 36 years of legal experience
  • Speaker, educator and mentor to other DUI attorneys throughout South Carolina
  • Licensed to practice in local, state and federal courts
  • One of seven in SC who is Board certified in Criminal Trial Advocacy
  • Previous experience as a Judge, Prosecutor, and FBI Special Agent
  • Has represented thousands of individuals charged with DUIs in SC courts
  • A Founder of the National College of DUI Defense

Charleston DUI Lawyer, Timothy Kulp frequently assist clients with DUI and DUAC charges in the Charleston, North Charleston, Hanahan, Mt. Pleasant, Folly Beach and surrounding areas in SC.

Contact us today, and let’s discuss your case, your options, and the necessary steps to get your life back on track.

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