New Adventures in Human Alcohol Testing.

As I have said so many times before, sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction. I should get that expression as a tattoo. Not.

Let me paint the picture of the story associated with this blog post that any Charleston DUI lawyer and a host of others would find interesting.

Put it in perspective. An MIT geek drinks to excess and decides that he doesn’t like that. Maybe he couldn’t find his car keys on waking up, or was disappointed that no one cared enough to grab a Sharpie and draw something disgusting on his face as he was “blacked out.” Lucky for him.

Most people would make a New Year’s resolution to drink less and break it in a couple of weeks. Others might enter AA or put their car keys in the microwave, put the setting on 30 minutes, abandon the house and report a burglary.

Not an MIT drinker guy.

What does he do? Too smart to simply count like Trigger from the Roy Rogers TV show, one drink, two drinks, three, hey maybe stop? He drops back to the lab. Not any lab. The lab at MIT.

Let’s leave laziness and simple arithmetic out of this, for now.

Talk about over-achievers for crying out loud.

This guy, as presented in the Daily Mail article link here, put his mind where his thirst was.

He invented/designed ice cubes made from gelatin containing infrared transmitters and LED lights that change color from green to yellow to red depending upon how quickly he is consuming drinks and how much he has consumed.

This fellow, whose smiling face is now “on the net”, Dhairya Dand, developed his SMART ICE.

Heck. I know you are thinking, “like what? Do I bring my own ice cubes (albeit infrared equipped) to the bar?

Shift the scene to the bar. “Chumley, yes, I would like a double Glenlivet 14 and, by the way Chum, please use these three ice cubes I now hand you.”

I have been a bartender. All the way through college and law school. I am not sure he would get served. You know, liability insurance and all that. Electronic devices in the glass.

Back then, what would I say in such a situation? Would I fill the order? Would I call for the doorman? This one is easy. I would serve him and hope for a huge tip.

MIT engineered or not, I am not sure this sort of device is reliable for ensuring that if a driver was stopped driving home, he might avoid arrest by offering the officer an IPhone photo he took of his glass never getting to red cubes. I know many police officers. I cannot imagine they would accept this as evidence that that the driver’s mental faculties to drive were not materially and appreciably impaired (the South Carolina standard).

Yet, if Mr. Dand visited Charleston, relied upon his new device in this regard and was arrested for DUI, I would suggest that he dial CALL-TIM as soon as possible. A camp little number, but it rings directly to my cell phone 24/7.

Read the story for yourself.

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