SLED DUI Server now back in service after a month

Yesterday, it was announced by SLED through media outlets that the website server offering DUI breath test site videos for downloading by persons charged with DUI, their lawyers and prosecutors was back on line.

After thirty-three days of “slow” reloading, (as Agent Berry stated was necessary-without explaining why), that which should have been able to be reloaded in an hour took over a month. Why?

Many DUI lawyers around the state and in Charleston are still interested in a host of considerations related to the occurrence of this “unusual event.”

There are many questions:

1. How did this happen?
2. Why did it take so long to restore the data?
3. How does SLED intend to go about insuring that the “restored” files are exactly the same files which were destroyed by lightning?
4. Is SLED going to offer a lightning strike map indicating what hit them on July 5, 2013 as they have represented?
5. Why weren’t protections in place to guard against something like this happening?
6. What exactly was that piece of equipment SLED displayed to a Myrtle Beach TV station? Watch the broadcast.
7. How old was that item? Is that the “rectifier” SLED reported was damaged?
8. As to what was stated by SLED during that TV broadcast segment, who is the “vendor” Agent Berry refers to? Was the failure cause a lightning strike or “possibly” a lightning strike?
9. Why not disclose the details of what actually happened?

The issue here relates to evidence in criminal cases and the integrity of that evidence. Hopefully, these questions will be answered.

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– Tim Kulp

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