Do DUI Roadside Videos Accurately Depict What is Reported?

Here is the long roadside DUI arrest video filmed when the secretary was stopped. When arrested for DUI, a roadside video MUST be made by the officer.

DUI Case Video Issues

  • What are the road conditions here?
  • Was that the best area to give the field sobriety tests?
  • Where was the line to walk? An imaginary one? If so, was the Trooper’s imaginary line, or the secretary’s
  • Is that area of the roadway flat? Or is it sloped for drainage? If so, how might that effect the secretary’s performance?
  • Is the finger counting test a test approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA?
  • How did the Trooper, is assessing the secretary’s performance, account for his age of 66?
  • Did the speech of the secretary sound slurred or not?
  • Was the secretary cooperative?
  • Did the Trooper objectively score the secretary’s performance on these “tests” as required by the NHTSA? Or did he just make a subjective determination?
  • Did the secretary’s performance of the “Walk and Turn” test exhibit intoxication?
  • Why didn’t the Trooper have the secretary face and stand close to the video camera so that the camera would record whether the secretary “failed” that test, the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus” or HGN test?
  • Was the subjective scoring of the HGN test associated with the secretary’s glasses? Should he had been asked to remove them?
  • Do you think the secretary’s position in government worked against him for fear, as the Trooper once states, that if he wasn’t arrested there would be cries of favoritism?


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