Timothy Kulp Featured in a Netflix Original “Confession Tapes”

Guilty? No so fast. Just because a person has been charged with a crime doesn’t mean they’re guilty.

In fact, everyday innocent people facing criminal charges ranging from DUI to murder find themselves with no choice but to plead guilty to crimes they did NOT commit.

It’s so common that Netflix decided to sponsor the production of a documentary about this insidious injustice that occurs throughout the US.

Timothy Kulp was featured in the Netflix Original titled “Confession Tapes” that details several specific cases where people convicted of murder claim their confessions were coerced, involuntary or false.

Here’s what Kelly Loudenberg, the creator of Netflix’s compelling new documentary series, writes about Timothy Kulp:

Wes’ trial lawyer Tim Kulp was the best interview I’d ever done. This is what he said about confessions, which sadly didn’t make it into the episode:

The confession – the confession is the holy grail of nails, of nailing someone, because of the obvious knowledge that many people, until they find out how false confessions are obtained, will say all day long, as if it was the next T-shirt at the beach, ‘I’d never confess to something I didn’t do.’ Right? Maybe.

As you can see from the trailer, law enforcement does make mistakes.

If you’re facing criminal charges in the Charleston area don’t leave your future in the hands of chance. And by all means don’t assume that you’re guilty as charged.

Timothy Kulp has worked in all areas of the criminal process: as a judge, a prosecutor, an FBI special agent and currently a board certified criminal defense attorney.

He thinks outside the box, is creative in his approach to the law and has the skills and experience to get the job done.

Last but not least, he’s one of seven attorneys in SC who is board certified in criminal trial advocacy since 1999 and has re-certified twice.

Now that’s a difference that can be substantiated.

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