Trying to find out information about a pending case? If your loved one has been arrested, chances are you have a lot of questions you need answered fast.

Although there’s a wealth of online resources that can give you the information you need about arrests and pending cases in Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester County, it’s easy to get lost.

Search Jail / Inmate Records

Charleston, Berkeley, Dorchester County, South Carolina’s public records databases.

South Carolina’s public records laws make it easy for you to find some of this information online. You can perform a statewide inmate jail search, or you can narrow your search by county.

South Carolina Dept. of Corrections



SC Department of Corrections



Inmate Jail Search by County


Public indexes/public records

Each jurisdiction also has its own database where you can find information about pending cases. Search these public indexes for information on warrants, charges, the attorney and assigned prosecutor to the case.

Search Public Indexes & Records


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